How Much Milk Does My NB Need?

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Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.40.42 AMMany new moms often wonder if their newborn is getting enough of their breastmilk or formula. Although this article should not serve as a definitive factor on whether your baby needs more food or not, a lot of this worry can be remedied by having a more clear understanding of just how big a baby’s stomach actually is. You will often hear that a baby knows how much they need at any given moment, and this is very true.  The below are some common comparisons to a baby stomach size, and what that would equal in breastmilk or formula.  You may be surprised just how little they need at first. This is beneficial as some mothers do not get their milk right away, and knowing this information can make you feel a little more comfortable during your first days as a mother.


Day 1

If your baby is full term, your NB stomach is approximately the size of a cherry.  Your baby may need to feed more frequently due to how small his stomach is.  If you are breastfeeding, your collustrum is loaded with everything your baby needs to start his breastfeeding journey.

Milk Equivalent 5-7 ml (1-1.4 tsp)


Day 3

Growing quickly, your newborns stomach is now the size of a walnut. Although your babies stomach is growing quickly he still only needs a minimal amount of breastmilk/formula.

Milk Equivalent

22-27 ml (0.75-1 oz).


One Week

At about the week mark, your baby’s stomach has grown to the size of an apricot.  This is where you can begin noticing some weight gain. Babies a week old typically produce 6 wet diapers a day.

Milk Equivalent

45-60 ml (1.5-2 oz).


One Month

You have hit the one month milestone. At approximately one month, your little one has a stomach that is the size of a large egg.

Milk Equivalent 80-150 ml (2.5-5 oz).


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