What Symptoms Can I Expect During Early Pregnancy?

July 3, 2016 Danielle Love No comments exist

Congratulations! Your PT says positive. You are pregnant. You may already be noticing some changes in your body, or if it is very early you may feel exactly the same, with the exception of being super excited that is. There are far too many pregnancy systems to name them all, and each mothers pregnancy is different. Some mothers experience no morning sickness but may have heartburn, others, back pain, and food sensitivities. Below are 6 of the most common symptoms that you may start feeling early on as your body and hormones start changing.  If you have any concerns about symptoms that you are feeling, be sure to talk to your doctor during your prenatal visits.

Nausea and Vomiting (often in the morning)
For many moms to be, every morning starts with nausea and sometimes vomiting. Not your preferred way of starting the day but remind yourself that this is temporary.  For many moms the nausea lessens or sometimes goes away completely by the third month.  If you are one of the lucky ones you may not have this symptom at all. It is however one of the most common. Help ease this time by drinking water, ginger or peppermint teas. Having some crackers on hand can help curb it as well.  It is also suggested that you eat smaller meals more frequently rather than a few larger meals. Try avoiding anything too spicy or greasy.  


There is a lot going on in your body. Your hormones are changing, your body is slowly changing as it starts to prepare for carrying your baby. Your metabolism is working overtime. It is completely normal to be very tired during pregnancy. Stay hydrated, eat healthy, and do some light exercises to stay on top of it, but in the end, just take a nap. When is it ever a chore to sleep anyway? 


Heartburn was my worst symptom hands down. Sometimes it was so strong it would lead to vomiting.  Some natural ways to remedy this is to try and elevate yourself rather than lying flat on the bed. Also eating smaller meals more frequently as apposed to larger ones will help here again. If it is truly causing you too much pain your doctor may be ok with TUMS or a prescription antacid but always consult your doctor first. 


This one symptom effects just about all of us as our bowels slowly get pushed together to make more room for the baby as she grows.  High fiber  and lots of whole grains will help here as well as drinking lots of water. Most importantly move around. Light exercise, walking, and stretching will all help to reduce your constipation. 

Aches or pains in the abdomen.

Wondering why you are always feeling aches and pains? Well considering your uterus is growing very quickly (up to 18 times larger than its original size) coupled with weight gain, and major hormone variations, its likely you will be feeling achey in different areas at different stages of your pregnancy. Some discomfort in the abdomen or lower back is normal, however if you are concerned about any pains you are feeling, or are in severe pain, consult your doctor right away. 

Noticeable increase or decrease in libido.  

A change in your sex drive when pregnant can either be heightened, or completely disappear Although hormones are the main cause for this, it is also the increased blood flow in your body particularly in your genital areas. Woman with stronger nausea, heartburn, fatigue etc tend to have less libido as they are focusing on overcoming those symptoms, making sex the last thing they are thinking about.





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