Birth Pool FAQ'S



How do I fill the birth pool?
At least 45 cm of water depth is required. Or enough water to cover your belly. This allows sufficient buoyancy which helps release the hormones associated with a positive and progressing birth.  


How do I set up the birth pool?
It is very important to carefully read all the instructions that your birth pool will come with. If you are renting your birth pool, LWL will ensure that you have a copy of the manufacturers  set up instructions. 


Does it take long to inflate?
General time can range between 10-20 min, depending on the specific birth pool and electric air pump. However please know it takes longer than this to be completely set up. You need to clear and sanitize the area, fill the birth pool with water, achieve the correct water temperature. It is a wise idea to start beginning the process of setting up your birth pool when your labour has begun.  


How do I fill the pool?
The pool is filled using a hose attached to a tap which supplies both hot and cold water. A new hose must be used as an old hose can contain bacteria. Consider using a new drinking water hose.  If you are renting your birth pool from labour with love. This is supplied for you.


When do I fill the birth pool?
If this is your first baby a guide is to begin filling the pool when you start having stronger contractions are also regular. Every labour is different so always follow your own instincts and have the pool already set up at this point so all you have to do as your contractions strengthen is to fill the pool with water.


Do I treat the water?
Water treatment is not required or advisable. Standard tap water is fine for your pool. A new hose must be used to fill it, as an old hose can contain bacteria. It is important to keep the water as clean as you can. Having a birth partner routinely clear stool or blood clots with the debri net.  


What temperature should the water be? 
Body temperature.  Which is in the range of 35 to 37 degrees. Water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees. Use a bath or water thermometer to routinely check your water temperature. 


How do I maintain the temperature?
You will need a readily available source of hot water to keep the temperature comfortable.  Using a bucket of either hot or cold to routinely adjust the temperature to a comfortable level. On average you can expect filling a bucket of hot water ever couple of hours.

If you have filled your birth pool early, use a birth pool cover while not in use to help retain the water temperature. Do not use any electric heaters as this is unsafe.


Is there a warranty period on the birth pool? 
Each birth pool comes with a different warranty. Check manufacturer’s instructions for details.


Is there a weight limit?
Depending on the birth pool and size of birth pool. Please see the manufactures details for height and weight maximum. Many lines do not have a weight maximum, It is more the circumference size of the pool that will determine this. 


How do I empty the pool?
Emptying the pool is easy using an electric water pump or siphon. The hose used to fill the pool can be used to empty it. The hose should then be discarded as there is no way to ensure it is 100% clean.


What is the fastest way to deflate the birth pool?
The birth pool can be deflated quickly using an electric air pump.

How many times can I use the birth pool before replacing it?
This depends completly on the type of birth pool. Some birth pools are professional grade and offer mult-use, others are single use only. If your birth birth is single use only, it will be evident in the instructions and packaging. 


How do I store my birth pool?
Once the pool is dry,  it can be packed in any new, clean, lidded plastic storage container of a suitable size.  It is very important to store your birth pool at room temperature as colder temperatures can effect the strength and elasticity of your birth pool


Who can I call with questions?   
 You can always contact the manufacturer of the birth pool of your choice. Their contact information comes with your birth pool.  You can also reach out to your Birth Pool of choice website, and last but not least you can contact us here at LWL, we will be happy to answer any questions you have.


What are the benefits of birthing in a birth pool? 


  • Soothing and comforting. promoting physical relaxation. (This helps speed up the birth process)
  • The Buoyancy lessens body weight, allowing free movement and positioning while promoting improved circulations and contractions. This means more oxygen for the baby.
  • Can lower high blood pressure.  Water can reduce stress-related hormones, allowing the mother’s body to produce endorphins which serve as pain-inhibitors, and relaxants.
  • Alleviate tearing. Water causes the perineum to become more elastic and relaxed, reducing the incidence and severity of tearing and the need for an episiotomy and stitches.
  • Sense of privacy. Some woman find the water and pool and added layer of comfort as it is more private. Also aiding in the relaxation of the mother.
  • Similar environment for baby. Water births introduce your baby to an environment similar to the amniotic sac, making the transition easier for baby.